Ecuador ’13

27th Feb 2013  @ La Galeria de Rosero.  



Sake Tour in Japan, May ’12

(See Photos)

7th         @Nanahari, Tokyo

10th May – @Urbanguild, Kyoto

14th May – @groove, Okinawa

16th        – @terror vision, 熱血社交場, Okinawa

(And any nice walls we might bump into…)

Cernunos Tour” Galicia-Portugal, Febrary-march ´12

21st Feb ’12 starts 11pm , for AMALGAMA, Vigo, Spain.  . 

3h March- Liceo Mutante, Pontevedra. See photos. See video.

Jan 2012 – Berlin,Germany

Oct 2011 – Guadalajara, Mexico

Oct 2011 – Lagos de Moreno, Mexico

Sep 2011 – Oaxaca, Mexico

Sep 2011 – Ocotlan, Mexico


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